Genmai Beakers
Genmai Beakers
Genmai Beakers

Genmai Beakers

Genmai is a family of beakers hand-turned from solid English timber and finished with tung oil or clear urushi lacquer.

  • Can (Tung Oil - Beech, Ash or Cherry)
  • £35
  • Can (Clear Urushi - Cherry or Ash)
  • £105
  • Short (Tung Oil - Beech, Ash or Cherry)
  • £30
  • Short (Clear Urushi - Cherry or Ash)
  • £95
Genmai Beakers

Typical delivery time for any of the Tung Oil beakers is 2-3 weeks while the Urushi finish takes longer, more like 4-6 weeks.

Short - 67mm height x 67mm diameter
Can - 95mm height x 63mm diameter

Design © Goodfield

The Genmai beakers emerged from a commission which involved looking closely at soft drink cans. The beakers explore the intersection of the modern and traditional in vessel design.

The standard 330ml soft drink can has pleasing proportions and ergonomics, while traditional vessels can offer a more engaging materiality, finish and texture. Genmai harnesses the skills of the traditional woodturner but embraces an aesthetic which fuses old and new, the softness of the handmade with the more rational feeling of a modern industrial design.

The Genmai beakers can be used for teas, soft drinks or ornamental storage.

Hand-turned in the traditional Buckinghamshire Windsor furniture-making region, the Genmai beakers are then finished with food safe, heat resistant tung oil (as shown) or clear urushi lacquer which provides a beautiful lustre and an even more durable coating.