Goodfield at Frank Gallery Highgate

Goodfield were delighted to feature alongside the stunning artwork of Sophie Milner at Frank Gallery, Highgate, London last month.

Frank Gallery, which hosts the best of contemporary British art and design exhibited recent works from the London-based expressionist painter and pieces from the Goodfield range in a specially-commissioned show in the centre of Highgate village.

Pieces on display included Stout, a range which combines bolder proportions with refinement, Gill, a family of modern Windsor pieces taking cues from the twentieth century artist, Eric Gill and Frank, a selection of simple, elegant pieces with a subtle English sensibility.

Max, the founder of Goodfield, speaking at the launch of the exhibition, "It's a real delight to be able to showcase our pieces in the heart of Highgate village and to be complimenting the works of such a talented English artist as Sophie Milner. We're so pleased the residents of Highgate have come out in force to support a young English brand."